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We carry out aerial inspection services for the energy industry, including gas leaks detection and power line faults. You can save an endless number of working hours and millions of dollars on repairs with our services that help to find a problem before it turns into a disaster. 

UAV inspection is the most efficient way to increase safety and productivity thus contributing to the capitalization of your assets. And last but not least, timely inspections protect our precious environment from industrial hazards.

*Zefir (or Zephyros) is the name of a Greek deity who represents the mild western wind, the gentlest among the winds. He was considered the harbinger of spring and associated with abundance. 



 Our UAV inspections help to detect methane leaks and areas of a potential threat on the early stages using state of the art technology, providing a safe and effective assessment of the pipelines.   



 High voltage transmission lines are hazardous and expensive assets to inspect. Zefir Air offers aerial inspections that keep workers from danger, detecting potential sources of faults and preventing blackouts.   

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